Case of the Month – July 2021

Case Courtesy : Dr. Sanyogeeta Benare, Siddhai Ultrasound Clinic, Chhatrapati Chowk, Wakad, Pune

Case Title : Skeletal Dysplasia ( Osteochondrodysplasia )

Case History : There was no specific family history of any disorder or skeletal dysplasia. No H/O consanguinity. Parenteral height was average.

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Case of the Month – June 2021

Case Courtesy : Dr. Yogesh S. Chaudhary, Bhakti Sonography Clinic, Chinchwadgaon, Pune 33

Case Title : Downs detention is still a challenge

Case History : – 36year lady, G2P2L1A0, came for serial antenatal ultrasound examinations as described below. There was no relevant past medical and family history of any obvious illness. It was spontaneous conception. Her dating was accurate and GA assigned as per the LMP.

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Case of the Month – May 2021

Case Courtesy : Dr. Unmesh Bhosale, Unique Sonography Clinic, Akurdi, PCMC

Case Title : Meckel’s Diverticulitis

Case History : 9 years girl came with H/o pain in abdomen since 2 days.

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Case of the Month – April 2021

Case Courtesy : Dr. Sachin Gonjari, Varad Diagnostic Center, Wakad, PCMC, Pune

Case History : Young lady, Primi came for dating scan with abdominal pain. Ultrasound showed intrauterine live pregnancy of 7 weeks. On abdominal scan there was a free fluid with internal echoes and heterogenous lesion in left iliac fossa , looked like a clot with small cystic component within. Possibility of ruptured corpus luteal cyst or heterotropic pregnancy was considered. Laproscopy done which showed thickened fallopian tube, clot and hemoperitoneum. Histopath confirmed the diagnosis of tubal ectopic. (Heterotropic pregnancy).

Learning points : Careful adnexal and iliac fossa evaluation is crucial in early gestation.