Title : Fetal lower urinary tract obstruction

Case Courtesy : Dr. Asha Zacharias, Asha Sonography Clinic, Bhosari, PCMC

Case History : In 1996, Sebire et al. defined Megacystis as longitudinal bladder diameter (LBD) greater than 7 mm between 11 and 14 weeks’ gestation. This ultrasound anomaly is rather obvious and therefore, it is considered one of the anomalies “expected to be detected” at the currently widely performed first-trimester scans.

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A nuchal cord (or Cord-Around-the Neck (CAN)) occurs when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the fetal neck 360 degrees. Nuchal cords are very common, the incidence of nuchal cord increases with advancing gestation from 12% at 24 to 26 weeks to 37% at term. Most are not associated with perinatal morbidity and mortality.

In some fetuses and newborns CAN may cause problems, especially when the cord is tightly wrapped around the neck. The cluster of cardiorespiratory and neurological signs and symptoms associated with unique physical features that occur secondary to tight cord-round-the-neck has been referred to as ‘tCAN syndrome’ (tight Cord Around the Neck Syndrome). A small number of studies have shown that nuchal cord and or tCAN can affect the outcome of delivery and may have long-term effects on the infant and but as a causative factor for stillbirth it is debatable. However, some case reports of postmortem findings on stillbirths show negative pathology reports and tight cord around the neck being the only cause of death.

Title : Ureteric Duplication

Case Courtesy : Dr. Unmesh Bhosale, Unique Sonography Clinic, Nigdi Pradhikaran, PCMC

Case History : 8 Years old male patient came with H/o left sided abdominal pain

Case Diagnosis : Left Double moiety ureter with upper ureter moiety show ectopic insertion with uretrocele and lower ureter moiety show normal insertion with VUR.

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Title : Rocker bottom foot

Case Courtesy : Dr. Varun Ashok Thakur, Shri Mauli diagnostic services LLP, Moshi ,PCMC.
Clinical Profile : 29 Years old homemaker was referred for an anomaly scan

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